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Manage your drone in one place with AMX


Fibre grid is the most powerful cloud based enterprise software stack we have ever built and is based on providing real time analytics and fleet information along with synchronised data storing at the organisations finger tips. It also helps creating a seamless bridge between the pilots and the data engineers to process data and collaborate in one platform


Vortex is a one stop mission planning and UAV operation software with capabilities of planning centimeter level autonomous missions on RTK modes. Vortex allows the user to seamlessly change payload settings, plan and store missions, conduct real time calibrations at the pilot’s finger tips.


Cosmos is a one stop orthomosaic processing software that can generate models such as DSM, DTM, point cloud models, 2d maps and NDVI maps in a very accurate manner. The user can also run annotations once the models are being generated and can be exported in any engineering format (shape file).